kits are available for BESSON – YAMAHA – WILLSON

Why would a demanding euphonium player want a trigger?

The lever arm can extend the main tuning slide of the instrument and therefore infl uence all tones. Even a fully compensated instrument is never totally in key.

For this reason the trigger kit was developed

we recommend that you ask a qualifi ed instrument maker or repair person to install the kit. In many cases the main tuning slide fi rst has to be made parallel and easy sliding.

The kit is made out of high quality components and will be delivered with original MINIBAL ball-and-socket joints – made in Germany.
All parts are made of solid brass and white brass.

The trigger kit is available for compensating euphoniums
made by brands MTP, BESSON, YAMAHA and WILLSON


How does the euphonium trigger work?

With the lever, which is attached at the 3rd valve, the main tuning slide of the instrument can be extended and therefore all tones can be infl uenced.
As it is well known, even fully compensated instruments are never totally in key.

How is the basic tuning created by the musician?

The desired basic tuning is done with the adjustable nut, which has a left-right thread.
To clean the main tuning slide, simply loosen one of the screws on the push rod.

How will the kit be mounted ?

The complete trigger kit will be delivered with a 2-part brace of solid brass already assembled on it. It will be attached to the 3rd valve tubes and to the main tuning slide only by screws – no soldering is needed.


MTP euphonium trigger guard H 2, easy adjustable, no soldering necessary