Norbert Cermak

At the MTP booth Musikmesse Frankfurt 2014 Norbert Cermak presented our new JUNIOR alto saxophone

Norbert Cermak – called Mr.SAXXY – has studied saxophone and clarinet at the “Hochschule für Musik-Hanns Eisler” (Music University) – Berlin.

Since 1984 he lives and performs in Hamburg as a teacher and professional player. He played among many others with the Orchestra Frank Valdor and with the Big Band of James Last, just to name a few. He conducted 25 years the Big Band Berne near Hamburg.

Norbert had invented numerous valuable accessories for musicians, e.g. the famous saxophone stand SAXXY, which is produced under license by König & Meyer (K&M).

In 2005 Norbert got a patent for his curved neck design for alto saxophone, which is very suitable for children from the age of 7-8 years to learn the alto saxophone early. It is really unique.

The result of a long time co-operation is the development of the MTP alto saxophone JUNIOR II with adjustable side-keys and two necks. It comes with the curved children-suitable neck and the regular neck. For this reason the saxophone can grow along with the child. The JUNIOR saxophone is not a “kinder saxophone”, but an adequate instrument with superb intonation and a powerful sound.