Our team:

Our sales & service team consists of qualified and experienced staff. We are manufacturing brasswind instruments like piston trumpets, rotary trumpets, double horns, tenor & baritone horns, trombones, euphonium and tuba.

A network of excellent suppliers is manufacturing specially designed parts, bells and valve sections for us.

One of our part makers in Klingenthal / East Germany

Hartmut Geilert

Hartmut Geilert


A speciality of our production is the manufacturing of patented TITANIUM tuba rotary valves

MTP Titan Ventil


Otto Beckert company in nearby Kirchentellinsfurt / Germany is the manufacturer of our TITANIUM valves and some other important parts. http://www.beckert-feinmechanik.de/

All imported wind instruments of our wholesale department are controlled by our master workshops as well. Our international customers in Europe and Asia highly appreciate our reliability and qualified service.

If you have special demands as a professional musician you are always welcome.