MENZERNA Rapid polishing pastes now new in our program.

The polishing compounds from Menzerna! The best you will ever see when it comes to finishing and polishing. Menzerna is the only polishing rouge range approved by Rolex and Breitling. The product provides all the necessary properties to fully restore a flawless factory finish. All Rolex accredited watchmakers must use Menzerna!

RAPID Polishing Paste 480 W Beige Handpiece
Metal polishing paste from MENZERNA, suitable for all non-ferrous metals,
for pre-polishing and finishing - 1,2 kg

Order No. LINK-MP-07008

RAPID Polishing Paste P 175 YELLOW Handpiece
Metal polishing paste for brass and other non-ferrous metals and gold & silver
from MENZERNA for super finish - 1.3 kg

Order. No. LINK-MP-07984