New in our program

Marc Schaeferdiek about the MTP Oboe Mod.933

Brand new in our program: The MTP Oboe Mod.933 Schaeferdiek PRIMUSConservatory model, French fingering, semi-automatic, with grenadilla wood cup, synthetic wood body, silver plated action, F-lifter, low C#/H trill action, 3rd octave key,

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MTP MINI Bb-Tuba Mod.Paganini

Our latest addition to the low range: The MTP MINI B-Tuba Mod.Paganini. This is a MINI tuba in a super-compact design which is in excellent tune! Originally called the Tornister tuba, it is available from

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MTP Eb Alto Saxophone Mod.START

The children's saxophone with simplified mechanism suitable for children, by removing the side keys for very high (D sharp, E, F, F sharp) and low notes (B, B flat) - see picture. Except

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