About us

We are a wholesale for woodwind and brass instruments, no matter if children/student/beginner instrument or professional, you will find it with us. With almost 600 m2 of warehouse space, we have everything you need for your retail business, from workshop supplies to instruments. Roland Ekle studied tuba at the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart, Germany, from 1978 to 1983 and founded the company MTP in 1987. His knowledge of playing wind instruments and technical production is the cornerstone of our company . Our sales, distribution and service team consists of qualified employees. We manufacture brass instruments such as perinet trumpets, concert trumpets, euphonium and tuba. A network of first-class suppliers manufactures instruments, components, bells and conventional cylinder valves for us. 

All imported instruments of our musical instruments wholesale are tested in our in-house workshop and external master workshops. Our international customers in Europe and Asia appreciate our reliability and quality-conscious service.

A specialty of our company is the production of the patented solid TITAN light valves for tubes. The company Otto Beckert (http://www.beckert-feinmechanik.de/) in Kirchentellinsfurt from Germany is the manufacturer of our titanium valves of the highest quality. Roland Ekle, our CEO and founder, invented the titanium valves. The valves are indestructible and have a very easy response.

Handmade engravings

Our engraver can do individual hand engravings on request.