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MTP MINI Bb-Tuba Mod.Paganini

Our latest addition to the low range: The MTP MINI B-Tuba Mod.Paganini. This is a MINI tuba in a super-compact design which is in excellent tune! Originally called the Tornister tuba, it is available from

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MTP C trumpet XT-2 GM

handmade gold brass bell 125 mm, lacquered, two piece nickel silver brass rifles, bore 11,20 mm, 2 interchangeable leadpipes. Winter case and mouthpiece included. Made in Germany Item No.: MTP-P102050

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MTP Bb/F trombone Mod.1390 Premium

8.5" handmade gold brass bell (215 mm), wire reinforced soldered bell rim, Bb/F-Quartventil, Open-Wrap, nickel silver inner slides hard chrome plated, nickel silver outer slides, 13.90 mm bore. Case with backpack carrying set included. Made in Germany Item No.: MTP-P102626

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