MTP Children B-Waldhorn Mod.K-35 MINI

The smallest children's horn on the market - the new MTP children's B horn mod.K-35 MINI. The bell has a diameter of only 167 mm, additionally with an adjustable finger hook, lacquered and a weight of only 1.6 kg! It also comes with a robust light case with backpack straps. Our children's B-Horn K-35 with the small bell of only 167 mm is very handy for very young students and pupils. Let yourself be convinced by the quality, the great sound and the very good intonation! This horn was developed many years ago by KALISON-Milano. Now available again with many improvements that we have developed.

Bell 167 mm, steel ball-and-socket joints, with adjustable finger hook, lacquered, weight only 1,6 kg, with mouthpiece, light case with rucksack straps

Product No.: MTP102432