MTP MINI Bb-Tuba Mod.Paganini

Our latest addition to the low range: The MTP MINI B-Tuba Mod.Paganini. This is a MINI tuba in a super-compact design which is in excellent tune! Originally called the Tornister tuba, it was first produced from about 1908 onwards. Its tight winding resulted in a small instrument designed for military musicians. The compact design ensured that the regimental musicians of Austria-Hungary could take their bass instruments into the field or on manoeuvres, in the so-called infantry tornister.

Technical data: super-compact design, brass lacquered, 4 rotary valves, with original MINIBAL steel ball joints, height 52 cm, bell diameter 24cm, bore 15 mm, weight 5,2kg, compact case 61 x 45 x 30cm, including strap and mouthpiece.

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