Practical experience with WIZARD Descaler Concentrate DTP WZ203

The product

WIZARD decalcifying cleaner, high decomposition power of limestone. Attacks all lime and lime residues, verdigris and dried grease. Prevents corrosion and restores shine without mechanical action. Does not attack metals. Fast and economical. Ideal for elbows, piston valves, rotary cylinder valves, butterfly valves and joints.

Application instructions from the manufacturer

First the official application instructions from the manufacturer: Soak in a bath with up to 50% WZ 203 ( with 50% water). The decalcification time depends on the thickness of the layer. WZ 203 restores the copper shine in the alloy. Rinse thoroughly with soapy water. Stabilize with WIZARD WZ402 passivation solution. This delays re-deposition.

The practical test

In the practical test we decided, contrary to the manufacturer's instructions, not to use a passivating solution in order to demonstrate the effect exclusively with WIZARD Descaler Concentrate DTP WZ203. The rotary cylinder valves in our example come from an approx. 95 year old trumpet and were particularly dirty. Due to the age and the contamination, we left the valves in the bath for about 3 hours. Then they were cleaned with a normal brush from the household and cold water. The result is impressive and can easily compete with established products on the market. Be curious about our next practical tests with WIZARD products.



The video

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