Practical experience with WIZARD Silver Cleaner RAR WZ200

The product

WIZARD Silver Cleaner RAR WZ200 is a powerful deoxidizing cleaner to refresh and shine silver plating and gold.

Application instructions from the manufacturer

Soak or spray the pieces or instrument in a bath for a few seconds, then with a sponge, leave to act briefly and rinse under lukewarm running water. Wipe with a soft cloth and rub dry.

The practical test

In this practical test we have decided to apply the silver cleaner with a spray bottle on the object. In this example, an ancient sousaphone bell which was virtually only black due to the tarnishing of the silver coating. After spraying, we started to wash the cleaner off with a sponge without letting it soak in. In this case, out of tinkerer interest to gain experience regarding the quality of the cleaner. The result is impressive, tarnished areas are completely removed. The bell shines again, despite the immediate wash off.



The video

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