RECOVERY AVAILABLE - Nikolas 2105 Repair paint for brass instruments - excellent as repair paint!

AVAILABLE AGAIN - Nikolas 2105 Repair Varnish for Brass Instruments - excellent as Repair paint!

Nikolas Lack is a transparent, air-drying, solvent-based coating. With application on metal surfaces, a coating is formed which, when applied correctly, can be protects against oxidation, sweat, sulphur and abrasion. The varnish dries to an hard, transparent film, which is ideal for metal products in the Suitable for interior use, especially for non-ferrous surfaces such as silver and copper, Brass and bronze.

Order number:
- NIK-2105 KLARLACK - NIK-2105G

AVAILABLE AGAIN - Nikolas 2105 Clear Lacquer for brasswind instruments - excellent for repair work

Nikolas #2105 Clear Silver Lacquer is a "water-white", air drying, solvent based coating. When properly applied to metal surfaces, it forms a coating that protects from oxidation, perspiration, sulfur and abrasion. #2105 Clear Silver Lacquer dries to a hard transparent film that is excellent for interior metal products, particularly non-ferrous surfaces such as as silver, copper, brass and bronze.

Order number:
- NIK-2105 - clear lacquer - NIK-2105G